In Hippie Shop we bring the trends for the Autumn Winter of Hippie Chic Fashion, Alternative always with Attitude and Joy, for Women of small and large sizes. And now also collection of Hippie Chic Girls


Multicolor Picos Dress

Longer flared midi dress at the sides
1X (48/50) 2X (52/54) 3X (56/60) XL (46)
Cotton Wool Poncho Cotton Wool Poncho 2
  • -15%

Cotton Wool Poncho

€31.18 €36.69
Very soft and warm poncho because it is made of cotton wool. All units are of different colors
Unique (36/44)
Reversible sack Reversible sack 2
  • -30%
Coats and Warm

Reversible sack

€42.66 €60.95
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
High neck jacket with button closure. Can be used on the black side as well as on the white side
M (38/40) L (40/42) XL (44) S (36/38)
Thick Bloomers Thick Bloomers 2
  • -20%

Thick Bloomers

€29.35 €36.69
Baggy pants made of thick cotton with varied colors with elastic band and pockets
Unique Man
Hippie Poncho with Fringes Hippie Poncho with Fringes 2
  • -20%
Ponchos and Coats

Hippie Poncho with Fringes

€33.95 €42.43
(4/5) on 1 rating(s)
Poncho for boy, hippie style with hood. Long square model with fringes
Unique Man
Jackets and Sweatshirts

Hoodie and Pocket

Men's hippie style hoodie with a front pocket attached
Unique Man

Long Hippie Chic Skirt

Long double fabric skirt with printed rubber waistband with black background
S / M (36/38) L / XL (40/42)
Winter Boho Dress Winter Boho Dress 2
  • -10%

Winter Boho Dress

€39.64 €44.04
Long printed dress with V-neck and waist adjustment
S / M (36/38) L / XL (40/42) XLL (46)

Ethnic Embroidered Coat

Black coat with embroidered ethnic symbol and pockets
1X (48/50) 2X (52/54) 3X (56/60) XL (46)

Smooth Panties

Bloomers in solid colors of your choice with elastic waist and ankles
Unique (36/44)

White Shirt Drawings Om

White men's shirt with ethnic drawings with the om symbol in black
H - M H - L H - XL

Bloomers XL

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Wide rubber waist baggy pants and solid colors of your choice
Unique Plus Size (44/60)
Short Light Blue Dress Short Light Blue Dress 2
  • -50%

Short Light Blue Dress

€16.09 €32.19
Short dress with a round neckline and long sleeves. It has curved stripes that combine different colors and irregularly shaped patterns.
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
Ethnic-girl-black trousers Ethnic-girl-black trousers 2
  • -50%
€13.79 €27.59
Straight pants with wide waist. For girls in different colors to choose
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
jacket-blue-uneven-girl-hood jacket-blue-uneven-girl-hood 2
  • -50%
Jackets & Sweatshirts

Blue Circles Hooded Jacket

€14.37 €28.74
Girls' cotton hooded jacket. It has two pockets and black sleeves. The body is blue with green patterns in a circular shape.
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
top_t-shirt_frunce_girl_violet_front top_t-shirt_frunce_girl_violet_front 2
  • -50%
T-Shirts, Tops and Blouses

Kids Blue V Neck Top

€11.50 €22.99
Top / T-shirt with V neck and gathered and 3/4 sleeves. Available in various colors, all with ethnic drawings.
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
long-coat-girl-black-buttons-embroidery long-coat-girl-black-buttons-embroidery 2
  • -60%
€16.10 €40.24
Long coat made of fleece. It has a hood and two pockets. It is black and has drawings on the bottom and vertical details. All in red and ethnic style
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
printed_black_girl_skirt printed_black_girl_skirt 2
  • -50%

Red Print Medium Long Skirt

€13.79 €27.59
Skirt below the knees with wide rubber waistband. Combined with fun colors and prints for the boldest girls
S (3-4 years) M (5-6 years) L (7-8 years) XL (9-10 years)
t-shirt_short_sleeve_violet t-shirt_short_sleeve_violet 2
  • -30%
T-shirts, Long Tops and Blouses

Purple Short Sleeves T-shirt

€22.53 €32.19
Ideal t-shirt for the whole year. Short sleeves with a wide round neck which makes it original.
M (38/40) L (40/42) XL (44) S (36/38)
jacket-plus-sizes-red-stripe jacket-plus-sizes-red-stripe 2
  • -20%
€45.99 €57.49
Jacket with hood and zip. Colors combined in stripes and ethnic drawings
1X (48/50) 2X (52/54) 3X (56/60) XL (46)
skirt-plus-sizes-uneven-blue-winter skirt-plus-sizes-uneven-blue-winter 2
  • -20%
€32.20 €40.24
Long skirt for plus sizes with ethnic drawings and wide V-shaped waist at the front
XL (44) 1X (48/50) 2X (52/54) 3X (56/60)
Jackets & Sweatshirts

Green Stripes Sweatshirt

Green hippie style women's sweatshirt with pockets and hood
Unique (36/44)

Afghan Chocolate

Woman's afghan in chocolate brown with added fabrics in other colors
S / M (36/38) L / XL (40/42)

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"Recomiendo 100%. "

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Belén P.

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"Una camisa preciosa,..."

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(Aldaia, España) on 15 June 2022 :


"Son preciosas pero en un..."

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Inmaculada R.

(Cádiz, España) on 10 June 2022 :



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Aída Z.

(L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, España) on 06 June 2022 :


"Muy mona para tener un..."

Product rated: Indian Diary with Ballpoint Pen

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