Ethnic Supplements are always a trend. Season by season the ethnic style represents a movement that does not go out of fashion and includes clothing as well as accessories and decoration. With airs of India, Nepal and tribal or oriental with colorful prints and paisley including handcrafted embroidery. Take your look further with bags, shoulder bags and wallets to complete any style that needs a touch of originality.

Natural Hemp Backpack Natural Hemp Backpack 2
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Natural Hemp Backpack

Natural hemp backpack with a circle where ropes are crossed in a very original wayFor your trip, your day to day or for school, wherever you want you to go, she will accompany you
Party Bags

Embroidered Sack

Small ethnic bag with embroidery in various colors and gold with glitter
Hippie Backpack Bag Hippie Backpack Bag 2
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Hippie Backpack Bag

Hippie backpack printed in different shades of green with diamond patterns and black strapsIt is small and practical to accompany you everywhere
Party Bag

Yellow Sack

Small ethnic sack bag in bright yellow color with gold embroidery

Minerals Pendant

Ethnic pendant with combined stones of different colours and a cross pendant with wings
Embroidered Yoga Bag Embroidered Yoga Bag 2
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Ethnic Bags

Embroidered Yoga Bag

Ethnic bag with the 7 embroidered chakras, ideal to carry the gymnastic mat, be it yoga, fitness or why not, meditation.
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Howlite Drop Pendant

Howlite mineral stone pendant with drop shapeIt stands out for its relaxing capacity, brings patience and calms anger, preparing the mind for understanding and wisdom. It stimulates the desire for knowledge and strengthens memory, which is why it is highly recommended for students.
adjustable-bracelet-white-and-black-beads-with-charm adjustable-bracelet-white-and-black-beads-with-charm 2
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Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

White and Black Bracelet

Adjustable bracelet of small balls in black and white with the addition of an ethnic pendant with various motifs
Happy Night Backpack Happy Night Backpack 2
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Happy Night Backpack

Hemp unisex backpack with one main compartment and one large pocket.The drawing of the Moon in varied colors makes it unique
Silver Earrings with Stone Silver Earrings with Stone 2
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Silver Earrings with Stone

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Silver earrings carved with the addition of a mineral stone of various colors that are delivered randomly, if you want one in particular you can write to us by Whatsapp
Hippy Bags

Hippie Large Crossbody Bag

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Hippie style bags ideal for beach and / or gym It has straps on each side that come together to hold it
earrings-hippies-circles-leaves-silver earrings-hippies-circles-leaves-silver 2
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Turned Leaf Earrings

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Circular shaped earrings with the carving of small leaves
Patchwork Backpack with Flap Patchwork Backpack with Flap 2
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Patchwork Backpack with Flap

Hippie backpack with the necessary fabric additions to give it a patchwork style with its base color in a worn burgundy, very original and unique
Ethnic pendant with combined stones of different colors and an inverted drop pendant
Yoga Mat Bag Yoga Mat Bag 2
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Other Bags

Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga mat bag in assorted colors, all with assorted striped fabricsFor that Yoga or Fitness class, take your mat with you
Wallets and Purses

Rhombus Pencil Case

Cylindrical pencil case with rhombus and circle drawings
Shoulder bags

Blue Ethnic Shoulder Bag

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Blue ethnic crossbody bag combined with glitter.
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Mineral Shell Stone Bracelet

Bracelet formed with balls of the shell mineral stone combined with silver details
Mat Bag Mat Bag 2
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Ethnic Bags

Mat Bag

Black mat bag with the 7 chakras embroidered on the front.
Golden earrings with stone Golden earrings with stone 2
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Carved golden earrings with the addition of a mineral stone of various colors that are delivered randomly, if you want one in particular you can write to us by Whatsapp
Shoulder bags

Boho shoulder bag

Boho style crossbody bag with varied motifs with several zippers
Rudraksha Seed Necklace origin Nepal, with red and green stones combined with blue

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