Ethnic Supplements are always a trend. Season by season the ethnic style represents a movement that does not go out of fashion and includes clothing as well as accessories and decoration. With airs of India, Nepal and tribal or oriental with colorful prints and paisley including handcrafted embroidery. Take your look further with bags, shoulder bags and wallets to complete any style that needs a touch of originality.

hippie-big-zipper-cotton bag hippie-big-zipper-cotton bag 2
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Hippy Bags

Hippie Large Crossbody Bag

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Hippie style bags ideal for beach and / or gymIt has straps on each side that come together to hold it
Ethnic pendant with combined stones of different colors and an inverted drop pendant
Wallets and Purses

Rhombus Pencil Case

Cylindrical pencil case with rhombus and circle drawings
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Shoulder bags

Blue Ethnic Shoulder Bag

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Blue ethnic crossbody bag combined with glitter.
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Shoulder bags

Boho shoulder bag

Boho style crossbody bag with varied motifs with several zippers
Rudraksha Seed Necklace origin Nepal, with red and green stones combined with blue
Cases and Wallets

Ethnic Tobacco Box

Rustic cotton cigarette case, hemp style in natural color with ethnic drawings in brown.
pashmina-chashmir-reversible-soft-blue-clear pashmina-chashmir-reversible-soft-blue-clear 2
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Pashmina Cashmere

Pashmina Bi color

€18.00 €20.00
(4/5) on 1 rating(s)
Reversible pashminas where the tone of the same changes, being on one side a light blue and on the other an almost white light blue
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Jasper Mineral Chip Bracelet

Red jasper mineral stone bracelet with adjustment and two small stones finishing it
Cases and Wallets

Toiletry bag with ball

Large or Necesaire case with double zipper for good organization
pendant-jewelry-india-stone-mineral-natural-eye tiger pendant-jewelry-india-stone-mineral-natural-eye tiger 2

Tiger Eye Pendant Charm

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Octagonal Tiger Eye Mineral Stone Charm - It is an excellent stone for stimulating wealth. It is used as protection against any type of danger.
Wallets and Purses

Small Purse

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Small rustic style purse with zip closure
Cases and Wallets

Patchwork purse

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Medium patchwork style purse in very varied models.
pashmina-kashmir-pailey-silky-thermal-insulating pashmina-kashmir-pailey-silky-thermal-insulating 2
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Pashmina Cashmere

Pashmina Reversible Pailey

€18.00 €20.00
Reversible pashminas where: one side is orange and the other the same color in a much lighter shade
backpack-hippie-patchwork-drawings-women backpack-hippie-patchwork-drawings-women 2
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Hippie backpack

Very original and unique folding hippie backpack since each unit is handmade.
Wallets and Purses

Boho Style purse

Small embroidered boho style purse

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