Ethnic Supplements are always a trend. Season by season the ethnic style represents a movement that does not go out of fashion and includes clothing as well as accessories and decoration. With airs of India, Nepal and tribal or oriental with colorful prints and paisley including handcrafted embroidery. Take your look further with bags, shoulder bags and wallets to complete any style that needs a touch of originality.

Soft fringed shawl Soft fringed shawl 2
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  • New
Chals - Handkerchiefs - Cashmere

Soft fringed shawl

€28.25 €33.24
Fringed pashmina style shawl. Made of cotton wool, which makes it soft and warm
Scarves Scarves

Unisex Cotton Wool Scarf

Unisex scarf with varied motifs, which are delivered randomly
Unique Man
Bum bags

Striped Belt Bag

Cotton belt striped in different colors

Rhombus Earrings with Drops

Rhombus-shaped silver earrings with relief carving of dropsVery original and light despite its size
Nepali Square Ring Nepali Square Ring 2
  • Agotado
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Nepali Square Ring

Ring with a silver base and stones on the top. Its shape is square and the drawings vary from one unit to another and are delivered randomly
Cases and Wallets

Medium Embroidered Purse

Medium purse embroidered with flower motifs of different colors and shapes
Bum bags

Red Shoulder Bag

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Belt bag style shoulder bag for its shape made of hemp. The main color is red and its strap is cream.
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Original Ring with Stone

Golden ring in the shape of a snake ending with a stone of various colors that will be delivered randomly
Mineral stone pendant set in macrame. The stone varies in its shape and color from one unit to another, if you want a special one, you can check the stock by whatsapp

Amethyst Mineral Pendant

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Amethyst Mineral Stone Pendant in Octagonal ShapeAmethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. Natural tranquilizer that helps block negative environmental energies.
Bandana or ponytail for Hair Bandana or ponytail for Hair 2
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Hair Accessories

Bandana or ponytail for Hair

Bandana or ponytail made of silk and polyester in a variety of colors and motifs that are delivered randomly. They are not smooth, they have drawings
Party Bags

Embroidered Sack

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Small ethnic bag with embroidery in various colors and gold with glitter
Cases and Wallets

Small Purse

(4,7/5) on 3 rating(s)
Small rustic style purse with zip closure
Fringed shawl or blanket Fringed shawl or blanket 2
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Chals and Pashmina Cashmere

Fringed shawl or blanket

€26.91 €29.90
Shawl or blanket with fringes of large size, very warm. Delivered randomly

Triangle Carved Earrings

Earrings carved in gold or silver color of your choice whose shape is a triangle.
Bum bags

Big Blue Hemp Belt Bag

Crossbody style hemp belt bag. The main color is blue and its strap is cream color
Tibetan Mala

Japa Mala White Bone

(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Bone mala in white colorSimilar to Christian rosaries, they are sacred meditation elements but also a precious accessory as a necklace or bracelet.
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Leaf Carved Ring

Boho style ring for its size and shape, it is carved simulating a leaf
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Turquoise Mineral Bracelet

Bracelet made of the mineral stone Tiger Eye combined with silver details
Bracelets, Anklets and Rings

Nepali Round Ring

Ring with a silver base and stones on the top. Its shape is round and the drawings vary from one unit to another and will be delivered randomly.

Fan Earrings

Golden fan or crescent shaped earrings
Cases and Wallets

Patchwork purse

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Medium patchwork style purse in very varied models.

Large Stone Pendant

Large oval or round mineral stone pendant, set in silver-colored metal. They are different stones from one unit to another and are delivered randomly, if you want any in particular, you can check stock by whataspp

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(Burjassot, España) on 24 May 2022 :


"Tenia dudas sobre el..."

Product rated: Wide Waist Panties

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"me encanto!!"

Product rated: Armelle Plus Dress

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"Muy cómodos, favorecedores..."

Product rated: Midi pants with bow

Patricia G.

(Cáceres, España) on 24 May 2022 :


"El producto es tal y como..."

Product rated: Japa Mala White Bone

Carlota S.

(Hdd, España) on 13 May 2022 :


"Bien el producto y tambien..."

Product rated: Tiger Eye 7 Chakras Mala

Carlota S.

(Hdd, España) on 13 May 2022 :


"lo que buscaba"

Product rated: Afghan Om

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