Our collection of Indian Ethnic products are handmade in Hindu villages, with legalized workmanship. They are selected and imported directly.

Amethyst Mineral Pendulum Amethyst Mineral Pendulum 2
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Amethyst mineral stone pendulum, a calming stone that transmits positive energy, can also be used to improve concentration, understanding and open intuition.Mineral stone pendulum with silver chain.
Good Luck Elephants Pack Good Luck Elephants Pack 2
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Sculptures and Statues

Good Luck Elephants Pack

Statues of elephants of 5 different sizes made of light colored wood, each one carved and cut out by hand. Each elephant has white tusks that give it a perfect finish.
Golden Plate "Om"
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Golden Plate "Om"

Golden plate with the symbol of OmThe Oṃ is the symbol of the essential in Hinduism. It means unity with the supreme, the combination of the physical with the spiritualWhere to place it?In India it is common to see the Om symbol represented on the doors of houses, as well as in shops or temples. Well, by representing the Om symbol in the houses, it will...
Incense Pack Kamasutra Incense Pack Kamasutra 2
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Incense Pack Kamasutra

Pack of 4 incenses: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Musk. Each fragrance contains 8 incense sticks, for a total of 32 sticksThe combination of these fragrances favors love and sex, they have relaxing and aphrodisiac properties
Sahara Crown 7 Chakras Bowl Sahara Crown 7 Chakras Bowl 2
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Tibetan Bowls

Sahara Crown 7 Chakras Bowl

Tibetan bowl with inscriptions and colors of the 7 ckakras. In this case, the seventh chakra is drawnYou can make a set of the 7 chakras by buying 1 unit of each color. The photo of the 7 bowls is merely illustrativeHere we refer to: Sahasrara - "thousand-petalled lotus" Location: crown or top of headElement: beyond time and space Color: purple

Ganezha + Om Velvet Tapestry

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Velvet tapestry hand painted with the image of Ganesha fused with the symbol of "Om"

Ethnic Pens

Pens made by hand with colored pebbles where a color of your choice prevails

Elephant bedspread

Covers a single bed or blanket for the beach with the drawing of an elephant in black and white.

KAH001 - Rajasthan Chair

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Excellent wooden chair with ethnic drawing on the main body
Stick to place the incense on allowing the ash to fall on it and not soil it
Crystal Quartz Obelisk on... Crystal Quartz Obelisk on... 2
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Crystal Quartz stone obelisk with a led base that illuminates the mineral allowing it to reflect the different colors it emanates.The best place to put it is in the hall or in the hallways of the home, as they will help you cope with elements of change, the interruption of certain cycles and the entry of different vibes into your home.
Metal Incense Holder with... Metal Incense Holder with... 2
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Incense Holder (Incense Stick)

Metal Incense Holder with stones

Metal artisan incense holder with details of various colors. The delivery of them will be done randomly, if you want a special color, check stock by whatsapp
Meditating Buddha Sculpture Meditating Buddha Sculpture 2
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Sculptures and Statues

Meditating Buddha Sculpture

Full-length Buddha statue in meditation position, carved in wood with a great level of detail and first-rate quality.The presence of different types of Buddhas in the home helps to regain the axis before losing its way, never more opportune than in difficult times.
Tibetan bowl 5 inches Tibetan bowl 5 inches 2
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Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan bowl 5 inches

Handmade Tibetan bowl made of 7 metals, includes a wooden mallet with anti-vibrationThe sound therapy applied with Tibetan bowls has, according to Music Therapy, a very powerful healing effect as well as being of great beauty.

Hippie Colors Rug

Fine Hippie rug made with interlaced fabrics and threads with fringed edges.

Wooden Elephant Keychain

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Wooden keychain in the shape of an elephant, the ethnic symbol of abundance

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