Buying Natural Incense OnLine has never been easier. First brands (Satya, Bajali, Goloka, and more) Original Fragrances like Palo Santo, Sandalo, Black Opium, Patchuli, Lavender and others.


Incense Pack Kamasutra

Pack of 4 incenses: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Musk. Each fragrance contains 8 incense sticks, for a total of 32 sticksThe combination of these fragrances favors love and sex, they have relaxing and aphrodisiac properties
Ceramic Backflow Incense Cone Burner

Backflow Cones Burner Buddha

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Reflux cone burner made of ceramic with the Buddha child
Incense Holder

Wood Incense Holder

Stick to place the incense on allowing the ash to fall on it and not soil it
Metal Incense Holder with... Metal Incense Holder with... 2
  • New product
Incense Holder

Metal Incense Holder with stones

Metal artisan incense holder with details of various colors. The delivery of them will be done randomly, if you want a special color, check stock by whatsapp
Ceramic Backflow Incense Cone Burner

Reflux Fountain Cantaros de Paz

(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Reflux cone burner made of ceramic forming a drop with pitchers
backflow-dragon-aromas-ethnic-cones backflow-dragon-aromas-ethnic-cones 2
  • -20%
Ceramic Backflow Incense Cone Burner

Smoke Dragon Ebb Fountain

€12.96 €16.20
(5/5) on 2 rating(s)
Reflux cone burner made of ceramic where the smoke is taken out by the dragon through the mouth
Incense Holder

Patinated Incense holder

Handmade incense holder with a very original painting mixing brown and white.
  • -10%
€1.53 €1.70
Box of incense sticks x 15 grs (approximately 15 sticks), Deepika brand imported from India
Ceramic Backflow Incense Cone Burner

Fountain Ebb of Abundance

Reflux cone burner made of ceramic where the smoke travels the lines of abundance
smoke-holder-india-vintage-artesanal smoke-holder-india-vintage-artesanal 2
  • -20%
Incense Holder

Carved Incense Holder

€3.60 €4.50
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Incense holder burner very useful when scenting the house. This model is made of wood with stone aggregates or with sculpted details
original-Satya-Nag-Champa-Incense original-Satya-Nag-Champa-Incense 2
  • -10%
€1.26 €1.40
(5/5) on 4 rating(s)
Original and authentic Satya Sai Baba incense - Each box contains 15 grams. Each stick is approximately one gram and burns for 45 minutes. 
Incense of an exquisite fragrance mixing Masala and Sandalwood Manufactured in India by Goloka Nagchampa Agarbatti - Export Quality
Container box of 15 grams. of incense sticksThis aroma, in addition to being very rich, has the important property of purifying and removing bad vibrations from the home and work environment.
Cones-Goloka-dragon-blood-meditation-incenses Cones-Goloka-dragon-blood-meditation-incenses 2
  • -10%
Incense Backflow Cone

Dragon Blood Reflux Cones

€3.06 €3.40
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Goloka Dragon Blood Reflux Cone - Dragon Blood
Incense-holder-with-shine-aromas-Indian Incense-holder-with-shine-aromas-Indian 2
  • -20%
Incense Holder

Glitter incense holder

€3.60 €4.50
Incense holder of colors with glitter and stones, very useful when scenting the house

Incense Satya Ruda

Incense Satya Ruda Box with 15 grs. each one - Approximate duration 45 minutes
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Another exotic incense from the makers of the original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa incense - SUPERHIT Incense. The box contains 15 grams, approximately 15 Incenses
This incense is made with an aromatic blend of specially selected white sage to create a refreshing atmosphere. White Sage is one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world of natural medicine, as it retains all kinds of benefits and no contraindication. Its power of cleaning and purification is enormous.

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