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The meaning of the stones

As you know the stones are in this world long before we arrived; they have been formed by the continuous geological changes of the Earth during millions of years.

This means that the stones have an inner energy that makes their molecules vibrate at a certain frequency. From here, a harmony is created between the energy of the stone and us; and this is what you can and should take advantage of.

Vintage Saree Silks
Hippie Fashion

After discovering the "vintage sari" in our repeated trips to India, we have adopted them for many of our garments in the spring-summer collection because we want our customers to enjoy this beautiful season with "Joy and Attitude" and look beautiful while feeling comfortable.

Espadrilles Return to Trend
Ethnic Footwear

Yes, women's espadrilles are once again a trend this Spring-Summer!

Find out which dresses are right for you
Hippie Fashion

How can I hide my belly? What dress suits me? We explain you which long or midi dresses, beach dresses, hippie dresses or simple dresses favor you!

Magic dresses to say goodbye to your belly!
Plus Size

Have you ever wondered how I can hide my belly? What dress conceals fatness? In this post you will learn how to wear a long hippie dress or a midi beach dress without dying in the gym.

Hippies Sandals
Ethnic Footwear

We know that hippie fashion is in your veins, and that's why our store lacked shoes to complement it. With these sandals we will accompany you in every step you take.

Autumn and Spring XL
Plus Size

Now that autumn has arrived and the coolness we are assailed by last-minute worries "where can I buy large-size dresses that don't make me look like a grandmother?

The trend this winter is dresses with flowers
Prints and Patterns

All flowers are beautiful, but ethnic flowers have their special meaning.

Pashmina shawls Cashmere
Prints and Patterns

It takes a certain type of woman to search and find original Pashmina on Google ... But if you have found yourself here, I promise you will find the kind of quality, originality, excellence and artistic beauty you would expect from a Pashmina!

Get over the heat with Summer fabrics
Hippie Fashion

Summer is here! and the question many of us ask ourselves is how to stay cool at 40º C?  - The answer is in the fabric!