Secrets of India

We select the most ancient secrets of India, which are handmade in Hindu villages, with legalized labor. They are selected and imported directly.

Statues and Sculptures

Ganesha Wood Statue

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Sculpture handcrafted in India.

Ethnic Flags

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)
Colored Tibetan flags attached with a white cord.
Statues and Sculptures

Elephant Wood Statue

Hand-carved wooden elephant statue. Choice of 4 sizes: 5 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm high. You can also buy all 4 together at a lower value in this link

Flags "Horses"

Coloured Indian flags attached with a white cord, total length 2.50 meters
Elephant-way-x-4 Elephant-way-x-4 2
  • -10%
Statues and Sculptures

Elephant Carved Wood Statues x 4

€26.91 €29.90
Elephant statues of 4 different sizes made of hand-carved wood. A beautiful and significant ethnic detail

Horse Flags

Tibetan flags with a coloured Horse motif and a white cord.
Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan Bowl 7 Metals Large

100% handmade Tibetan bowl in large size. Include the stick It is a metal bowl-shaped device whose walls and edges tend to vibrate when rubbed or struck.
Statue-of-God-of-Money-Lakshmi-Meditation Statue-of-God-of-Money-Lakshmi-Meditation 2
  • -20%
Statues and Sculptures

Lakshmi Wood Statue

€47.92 €59.90
Amazing sculpture made by artisans in India. Statue representing Lakshmi. Hand carved in one piece. High quality and level of detail. The dimensions are: 26 cm. high x 12 cm wide x 5 cm deep.

Horseshoe Motif Flags

Coloured Hindu pennants attached with a white cord, total length 2.2 metres

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