Tibetan Mala

The Tibetan Malas, Buddhist Malas or Hindu Malas are bead necklaces made in India by hand, used in Buddhism and Hinduism for meditation and mantra repetition.

Tibetan Mala

Meditation Garland or Japa Mala

Black bone mala with white detailsA japa mala is a set of 108 beads that is used while repeating a mantra (sacred sound) and that serves to cultivate concentration and the quality associated with that mantra.
Tibetan Mala

Japa Mala Rudraksha Seeds

Japa mala made from rudraksha seeds.Rudraksha beads help to generate the well-known "relaxation response" that is the ultimate goal of meditation. "
Tibetan Mala

Green Jade Hindu Rosary

Japa Mala or Prayer Rosary used especially for meditation. This Mala is formed by balls of Green Jasper mineral stoneAmong the many properties of green jade is that it is said to improve your emotional state.
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Japa mala made with rudraksha seeds and mineral stones forming the 7 chakrasThe Sanskrit name is made up of the words Rudra (another name for Lord Shiva) and aksha ("eyes"). Also known as "The Eyes of Lord Shiva"
Tibetan Mala

Bone Prayer Rosary

Bone mala in brown colorJapamālā in Sanskrit comes from japa (murmur or whisper) and mālā (garland), so its full meaning would be, a garland that allows the practitioner to murmur prayers.
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Tibetan Mala

Necklace 7 Chakras

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To let energy flow through your body and mind you should always carry a combination of chakras with you.
Tibetan Mala

Bad Tibetan Volcanic Rock 7 Chakras

Mala Tibetan Volcanic Rock 7 Chakras in opaque Black color - It is about "the revitalizing stone" thanks to its energy from the interior of the Earth
Tibetan Mala

Colorful Buddhist rosary

Bone mala in the colors of the jamaican flag: yellow, green and redThe full name of the Buddhist rosary or Tibetan rosary is japa mala, japamala or yapamala, according to the different lexical versions of the word. It literally means "garland (string of beads) to recite a series of mantras."
Tibetan Mala

Tiger Eye 7 Chakras Mala

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Mala - made with mineral stones from Ojo de Tigre
Tibetan Mala

Japa Mala White Bone

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Bone mala in white colorSimilar to Christian rosaries, they are sacred meditation elements but also a precious accessory as a necklace or bracelet.

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