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Incense Pack Kamasutra
Incense Pack Kamasutra

Incense Pack Kamasutra

Pack of 4 incenses: Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Musk. Each fragrance contains 8 incense sticks, for a total of 32 sticks

The combination of these fragrances favors love and sex, they have relaxing and aphrodisiac properties

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Incense pack Kamatsutra not divisible. The price is for the 4 together

Handmade with 100 ingredients% organic.

The incense of rose Red increases our inner peace, favors love, and also sex, since it has aphrodisiac effects. It is used to relieve women of some sexual problems, it also solves cases of psychological impotence in men.

The delicate smell that comes from the incense of Jasmine It will bring you a very relaxing feeling, it will help you neutralize depression, calm anxiety and sleep better.

The incense of lavender It is an aroma known worldwide for its innumerable healing properties in aromatherapy as it has relaxing properties, helps calm the nerves and harmonize the mind, combat headaches, irritability and help calm emotions.

The scent of incense from musk it is a great aphrodisiac. It also gives us luck and fortune. It is a great protector against the evil eye and magical works that can protect us. It also dispels negative energies and frees us from evil spirits and harmful influences.


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