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What is vintage sari? Why is each dress unique?

Silk Dresses - Each Dress is Unique

About Saree Fabrics

The sari is a traditional dress worn by millions of women from the Indian subcontinent. It is a long canvas of light silk, measuring between 4.5 to 8 m long and 60 cm to 1.20 m wide. It is wrapped around the waist, with one end passing over the shoulder, leaving exposed the middle area of the abdomen. There are many styles of making the sari and how to use it, the most common style is the Nivi, originally from the region of Deccan in India. Under the sari women have to put on a blouse and a brief petticoat where they introduce one end of the sari at the waist and begin to entangle it around their body.

Vestido Vintage Sari Largo

These fabrics are designed for the high temperatures in India, so that they can withstand them better. That is why they have 70% silk and 30% polyester to make them more resistant, since silk is too delicate. Due to the size in which these fabrics are cut, each dress, trousers, skirt, t-shirt that is manufactured for the West, are unique in color and print, so if you have a dress "Vintage Sari" you will not find another person who has the same, may have the same model, but not the same print and color.

Vestido Seda Desigual

These garments, made of silk and polyester are very soft, fresh, and easy to care for (fast drying and no need for ironing). Ideal for summer and holidays.

After discovering the "vintage sari" in our repeated trips to India, we have adopted them for many of our garments of the spring-summer collection because we want our clients to enjoy this beautiful season of the year with "Joy and Attitude" and at the same time look beautiful and feel comfortable.

Vestido Largo Seda

As in our experience in online sales, we have discovered the difficulty of buying one of these unique models without the photo of each fabric, is how we decided to choose some garments of each model and take a picture of them so you can choose the exact unit (opting for A, B, C, D), and all this at an affordable value!!!

Modelos Seda Vintage Sari

But don't worry, if you haven't found the color you like, you can ask us for photos of other colors by whatsapp and we'll try to find the garment you're looking for. Also, when the models of the photos are sold, new ones are added!

Here we leave a direct link to our models "Vintage Sari" :


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