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COVID-19 - STATE OF ALERT: While the state of alert lasts throughout the country, Tienda Hippie has decided to change some of the measures to benefit and adapt this situation, both to our customers and employees, contributing to the solution of the great problem that is plaguing us, and they are:

  • Closing of our physical store: This affects the purchase and/or return in it, so no purchases can be made in the physical store as well as returns, which can be made when we are authorized to reopen our doors. Return times are frozen for the duration of the confinement.
  • Deliveries and collections: These will be carried out in the usual way, with the necessary procedures to guarantee the security of customers, employees, couriers and society in general. Although they are handled in the same way, there may be delays in all processes.
  • Minimum free shipping in total confinement: On the peninsula the minimum purchase with free shipping has been reduced to 20 euros, all other conditions being maintained.
  • Minimum of free shipping in phase 1: In peninsula the minimum of purchase with free shipping will be 30 ?, keeping all the rest of conditions.
  • Changes and returns: The deadline has been extended to 30 days from the delivery of the product, this is valid for products received from 10 days prior to the start of the alarm state, that is from March 5
  • Payment methods in total confinement: To minimize contact at the time of delivery, we have eliminated the cash on delivery as a form of payment, having as the only methods of payment: Payment by paypal and card payment through Redsys (BBVA)
  • Payment methods in phase 1 and onwards: The payment method removed during the confinement is restored: the counter-refund, the rest of the conditions being in the usual way.